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RUST (Orange) Cotton Dressmaking Velvet / Velveteen - Light Weight - 240 gsm - 112 cms Wide

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Colour : RUST (which is a sort of orangey brown velvet)

Fabric: 100% Cotton Velvet - Non Stretch - Short Piled

Width: 112 cms (52")

Weight: 240 gsm (about 8½ oz)

Brand: Truly Sumptuous 

 Available -  10 x metres, Metre, Half Metre, and Sample - select option from the drop down menu

Cuts  - Cuts of more than one unit are cut as a continuous piece

For example, If you buy a 1m and a 1/2m in the same colour, we will send you a 1.5m 


Colours - This range of velvet is available in 24 different colours.

Washable - Can be washed (we suggest  30º) and ironed but please bear in mind that this velvet fabric may not be colourfast for the first few washes

Samples - Always happy to supply so please select from the drop-down menu. It is a light-weight multi-purpose velvet/velveteen material with a good sturdy backing fabric which means that your work doesn't "wander" all over the work surface. 

This fabric is widely used for clothing and theatrical costumes. However our customers purchase it to use as photographic backdrops, for lining boxes, crafts and a host of other projects.


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