Heavy Hopsack with Charcoal Grey Stripe

New Fabric suitable for Upholstery (Martindale 20,000 rubs). - 600 gsm.

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`Pink Luxury Bamboo Towelling

View our range of Luxury Bamboo Towelling Fabrics, Super Soft

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Terracotta Cotton Towelling by Truly Sumptuous

One of our Lovely Range of Quality Cotton Towelling Fabrics by Truly Sumptuous

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Olive Green Upholstery Velvet

Browse our range of Upholstery Velvets by truly Sumptuous

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Antique Rose Cotton Dressmaking Velvet

Part of a range of 26 colours - our own Truly Sumptuous brand


Herons on Grey Digital Velvet

New addition to our Digital Velvets also available on a cream background



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