Digital Velvets are "printed" Velvets, some of the patterns are fantastic. They are literally printed upon, like a piece of paper going through a printer. The equipment used to do this is  large and expensive, quite a dedicated operation.

They are 140 cms wide and 100% Polyester, weighing in at around 330 gsm (approx 12 o). They come in two qualities, The Fish and Tropical Dream  is softer and more "floppy". There is, as yet, no price difference.

They are good strong fabrics and thus suitable for upholstery, although we have not been given a Martindale score for them, Polyester Velvets are pretty hard wearing.


These fabrics are different to work with. You need good quality pins, as they are quite difficult to get a cheap pin through. You are likely to bend it. The better quality, floppy ones - the Fish and Tropical Dream are softer and therefore more "slippy" Keep your work well pinnned, otherwise, your sewing machine will wander off course.

These velvets are commonly used for cushions, we sell a lot of half metres, you should be able to make two or three cushions with a half metre.  The pattern repeats are around 40/50cms, except for the Tropical Dream, which we have not quite worked out yet! You can make four different cushions  from a cut metre of that pattern.

The velvet will go further if you use a backing fabric. For this we recommend our Linen / Cotton Blend, as the Velvet & Linen look is quite fashionable currently.

Also used for curtains and Lampshades and collage / crafts. And probably a host of other things!!