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CHILLI SEEDS ~ scotch Bonnet x 10. Perennial, Long Lasting plant

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CHILLI SEEDS ~Scotch Bonett 10 seeds STARTER PACK

The famous Scotch Bonet chilli seed.. surplus seeds froms group purchase. Distinctive shape, essential in Jamaican cooking and STRONG but not silly strong. I believe they are 80,000 - 100,000 on the scoville scale ( the scale for measuring chilli strength - yes there is one😀 The scoville scale can go up to 1 million, but that is for the hardened chilli fanatic or the clinically insane😍😍

It is a little late to be sewing chillis but you can still get results ` i did last year and i had No idea what i was doing!!

Chillis are perennials, which mean that they are great value for money, as that little seed will produce a plant that lasts many years, so crop after crop for a couple of quid…think how much they are in the supermarket…

Easy to grow, especially if you have a green house, conservatory / sunny window sill.

Advantages of planting late: germination will be quicker- and possibly more plentiful as days are long and temperatures are higher.

You may not get a great crop (but you still can!)….AND you are WELL SET UP for next year. Think of chillis as a permanent feature in your life from now. Each chilli you grow is a potential source of more chilli seeds. You could have a chilli plantation in a few years….

Ten seeds is a good starting point, they will probably give you 2-3 plants with a couple spare to give to friends.

Harvesting. Leave the fruit on the plant for as long as you can, chillis generally mature in 75-90 days, then store for a while. In my experience (which is limited), a chilli straight off the plant has no flavour. Last year i tried one, it was horribly bland. I left the other one in my fridge for two weeks. Offered it to a friend over coffee explaining how disappointing my chilli crop was. He bit into it and it ruined his coffee, it was so strong😂😂

So they have to “cure”. But I am no expert on this…MAYBE I took it off the plant too soon…


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Happy chilli growing 😁😁😁😁

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